It can sometimes be hard to admit that we need help, no matter how old we are. Senior citizens can sometimes find themselves in a unique situation, where they want to go on living independently, but simply can’t maintain their lifestyle because of physical or mental conditions beyond their control. Family members often struggle to know exactly where the boundaries are in this sensitive time of life. Is it the right time to suggest that a loved one move out of their home, or is there another solution? Here are some of the big indicators that your loved one might be ready for assisted living in Hot Springs, SD.

Are They Living With You Or A Relative?

Even though it’s not technically a facility, living in a relative’s basement or having a niece or nephew move into their house is a sign that your relative is no longer able to live on their own. While this arrangement might work for a while, the role of caretaker can be very taxing for family members.

Are They Able To Prepare Their Own Meals?

Being able to stay well-nourished is essential for a high quality of life. But shopping, storing, and preparing food can sometimes become difficult for our elderly loved ones. In some cases, seniors will resort to painfully simple diets just to feel like they’re still in control, but this can lead to undernourishment.

Are They Struggling With A Chronic Medical Condition?

Health complications can arise suddenly and be very serious. Wondering whether or not your loved one is safe, taking their proper medication, and following doctor’s orders can add a lot of stress to your life. Medical conditions that need to be monitored 24 hours a day is the most common reason that seniors and their families choose assisted living in Hot Springs.

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