You’ve made it. You’ve worked hard your entire life. You’ve saved, scrimped, and now ready to splurge. But what should you do after you retire?

Pine Hills Retirement Community is the best assisted living facility in Hot Springs, SD. We have everything you need to lead a joyful, fulfilling retirement life all right here. From golf and a hair salon to walking paths and educational events, Pine Hills Retirement Community has something for everyone. While we acknowledge you can lead an amazing life at our senior community, there are other activities you want to see and do in retirement. Below are our top six things we suggest you do after retirement. Visit us today to see just what the hubbub is all about!


    1. Travel. Travel is probably the number one thing on most retirees bucket list. After all, if you’ve raised a family, you had to be home most of the time for school, kids’ activities and sports, and your work. You didn’t have much time to travel between changing diapers and then teaching your teenager how to drive. Your focus was on raising the next generation. Now that the next generation has flown the coop, you finally have the time to see the world. Pine Hills Retirement Community, an active adult community in Hot Springs, suggests you make a list of the top places you want to see and then visit them in order of importance because the reality is that there is just too much to see and do in this world, so you’ll have to prioritize.
    2. Volunteer. Now that you don’t have to show up at a job at a certain time every day, you can now dictate your own schedule. You probably want to give of yourself and of your time to a cause near and dear to your heart, from helping injured raptors and serving at the soup kitchen to collecting toys at Christmas for families or volunteering at church. Pine Hills Retirement Community, an independent living facility in Hot Springs, encourages all residents to get involved in the community. We offer a community van that makes regular trips to town so you don’t have to worry about driving or parking if you don’t want to. Volunteering in Hot Springs is also a great way to get to know the area, the activities available here, and others who live here.
    3. Visit family. Although you couldn’t wait for your children to fly the coop, that doesn’t mean you don’t miss them. Retirement is a great time to spend long periods visiting family, especially if they live far away. You can take as much time off as you need without having to worry about paid time off balances and the like. You can spend long afternoon walks with your daughter, babysit the grandkids for date night, and play golf with your son. With no time frame, you’ll find you’ll get to see your family a lot more in a more relaxed way than before.
    4. Read. During your working years and while you were raising your kids, odds are, you didn’t have enough time to read. And with so many good books to choose from, who does? Now that you are retired, you finally have the time to catch up on all those books you’ve meant to read. Choose to read all the classics or all the Newbery winners. Or, join a book club to have powerful discussions. Or, keep it low-key and instead visit your favorite coffee shop and enjoy a book while sipping coffee. Books will whisk you away to long-forgotten places full of magic and wonder, and they may even spark another idea to do in your retirement years.
    5. Write. Now that you’ve lived a lifetime, odds are, you’ve got lots of wisdom to impart to others. You can choose to write a novel, a short story, submit to magazines, or even a memoir. You can even start an online blog to discuss your life at Pine Hills Retirement Community, an assisted living facility in Hot Springs. You’ll be surprised how many other seniors will want to read your writings. Writing can also be therapeutic if there are things or events in your life you are currently dealing with.
    6. Get in shape. Sometimes in the midst of raising kids and running all over town with them, you let yourself go in terms of your physical fitness. It can be hard finding time to squeeze in the gym after a long day at work and then making dinner and helping with homework. The good news is retirement affords you the extra time to get back into shape. At Pine Hills Retirement Community, a senior care center in Hot Springs, we offer many options to keep you active. We offer a resistance swimming pool, an exercise room, golf, walking paths, and exercise classes, such as dance. There is plenty to do around Pine Hills Retirement Community to keep you active and not bored.


Pine Hills Retirement Community in Hot Springs is the best retirement community, offering dozens of amenities to help you enjoy your retirement years and give you the time you need to do the things you want to do. We also are the only senior community offering senior care for those suffering from Alzheimer’s and other Dementia-related challenges within the Hot Springs area. If you want a retirement community that cares, contact us today!