1. Why We Don’t Take Medicare

    A frequently asked question we get here at Pine Hills Retirement Community is “why don’t you take Medicare?” with the follow-up arguments that nearly 96% of American seniors have Medicare coverage for their long-term care needs. While we can certainly understand and validate your concerns, there are some misconceptions about what choosing to opt out of Medicare means for the residents and fa…Read More

  2. Your Summer 2020 Bucket List

    Ah, summer is nearly here promising warm weather, sunshine, and longer days. Now that you are enjoying your retirement and have plenty of time to enjoy these long summer South Dakota days, you may be thinking about what you'll do this year. Not to fret, the staff at Pine Hills Retirement Community in Hot Springs has plenty of ideas. We have years of experience and stories from our residents, in ad…Read More

  3. 9 Reasons Moving to a Senior Living Community Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Retirement

    For many folks, making the move to a senior living center is the American dream — downsizing life and making things more simple so you can relax and enjoy more leisure time while leaving the chores and responsibility to staff on hand. For others, however, moving to a retirement community is shrouded in a stigma of sacrificing independence. At Pine Hills Retirement Community, we have heard the ar…Read More

  4. 10 Things You Should Do After Retirement & a Few Things You Shouldn’t

    Ah, retirement. The day you’ve literally been working your entire life for! Retirement is much more than a single event, but is a life change that will alter the course of your future. Many of us have visions of what retirement will look like and for many it is a time to “catch up” on all the things we are too busy for when we are establishing careers and growing families. Ideally, retiremen…Read More

  5. 6 Things to Do After Retirement

    You’ve made it. You’ve worked hard your entire life. You’ve saved, scrimped, and now ready to splurge. But what should you do after you retire? Pine Hills Retirement Community is the best assisted living facility in Hot Springs, SD. We have everything you need to lead a joyful, fulfilling retirement life all right here. From golf and a hair salon to walking paths and educational events, Pine…Read More

  6. How to Stay Active after Retirement

    You’ve made it. You’ve spent many years working and saving, so you can enjoy your golden years. And now that you’ve officially retired, you’re finding it hard to stay active, which is common when we fall out of routine. Pine Hills Retirement Community in Hot Springs, SD, is an assisted living facility offering the best amenities and activities for seniors. Below, you’ll find our tips on …Read More

  7. The Importance of Immunizations For Seniors

    A lot of attention is paid to the vaccine schedule for young children as an important preventative tool for infants and school-aged children against communicable disease. However, as we age, our immune systems weaken and we are more susceptible to a wide variety of communicable diseases. As medical technology advances and more diseases are proven to be prevented through immunization, it is importa…Read More

  8. Luxury Senior Living at Pine Hills Retirement Community

    Luxury senior living seems to be a term that is defined as better-than-average senior living. However, at Pine Hills Retirement community, we are of the philosophy that luxury senior living should be full of the luxuries you looked forward to about retirement your whole life! In our working age, we worked hard and skipped out on the luxuries we could have had on the premise that once we reached th…Read More

  9. Alzheimer’s Awareness: Know the Warning Signs

    Despite popular belief, cognitive decline is not a normal part of aging. While many people begin to slow down as they age, it has more to do with life events and lifestyle choices rather than a forced decline brought about by aging. If you live in a senior living center or retirement community, like Pine Hills Retirement Community, you already know that getting older does not mean you have to slow…Read More

  10. Activities for the Memory Impaired

    As your loved one’s memory impairment increases, it may be harder to keep them engaged and activity. However, a lack of stimulation can easily lead to social isolation, agitation, and even aggression in the calmest, sweetest people. Our minds ache to be stimulated and everyone gets bored when they are not. If you have a loved one who lives in a memory care assisted living facility, the staff alr…Read More