Choosing an assisted living community for yourself or a loved one is a daunting task. There are so many considerations, including location, cost, and amenities. Ultimately, though, the only thing that really counts is that you or your loved one will be well cared for by a loving staff in a clean, healthy pleasant environment that provides all of the services you need now and may need in the future.

Here are some tips for choosing an assisted living community. Please don’t hesitate to call us, here at Pine Hills Retirement Community, if you have questions or concerns, or would like to come for a visit and learn more about everything we have to offer for active retirees as well as residents that require assistance and ongoing care.

Visit Common Areas

Visiting the common areas, especially during planned activities is a good way to begin your assessment. You’ll be able to see if the amenities are appropriate and if residents are engaged, active, and happy. This will give you an opportunity to get a feel for how clean the facility is and how well cared for its residents are. If there is anything that raises a concern, follow up with a question. Even things like strange smells can be an indication that something is not right. Speak up.

Visit The Assisted Living and Memory Care Areas

If you or your loved one only need minimal assistance right now, perhaps with medications and getting to meals on time, chances are that additional care may be required down the road.

Visit one or two of the units in the assisted living wing and any common areas. Indications of deferred maintenance, broken appliances, or an overall dingy appearance may be signs that this is not the place for you or your loved one.

Ask A Lot Of Questions

Ask to meet the assisted living and memory care staff and find out what their qualifications are. Be sure to find out what care level the assisted living area offers. Often, once a resident exceeds a certain level of care, they will no longer qualify for assisted living residence. It is important to know in advance when you or your loved one may have to leave the facility and what options are available onsite or nearby for additional care.

Eat a Meal

Good food is important nutritionally, but we also get a lot of daily pleasure from our food. You’ll want to make sure that meals are healthy and tasty. Good food becomes more important for retirees as the senses of smell and taste begin to diminish. Ask to see a weekly menu, and ask about special dietary requirements that can be accommodated. Most residential communities will deliver meals to residents in their apartments or rooms. Be sure to ask though. This is an important service that you don’t want to overlook.

Trust Your Gut

We believe that you know best what you or your loved one needs in order to thrive and stay healthy and happy. If, during any time, you feel uncomfortable with the staff, are unsure about safety protocols, are questioning cleanliness or attention to detail, or simply don’t feel welcome at the community, keep looking.

Here at Pine Hills Retirement Community, our entire focus is on the health, happiness, and care of our residents. We hope you’ll come for a visit and see for yourself what a lovely community we have here. And we wish you and your loved ones the best of luck in finding a community that is a perfect fit.