When it comes to being a senior, one of the most desirable things you’ll want to keep is your independence. We take this aspect of our business very seriously and we have designed our Pine Hills Retirement community around it. After years and years of experience, our independent living in Hot Springs, SD doesn’t go unnoticed. It’s for this reason that we are so popular and so full all the time. Our living arrangements are very classy, sophisticated, well-maintained, and properly addressed every day.

Here at our state-of-the-art facility, we’ve taken it upon us to provide the best care possible to our residents, while still allowing them the freedom to do whatever they want. We know how important independent living in Hot Springs, SD can be for our residents. It gives them a sense of purpose, a feeling of freedom, a motivation to live more openly to new adventures. So if this sounds like what you want in a retirement community, then you should come check us out or give us a call!

We will make you feel as if you are a hollywood star, treating you in a first class manner at all times. You’ll be given the personal attention that you’ve always wanted and always deserved. The freedom you’ll feel on a day to day basis will help you maintain the confidence you’ve had throughout your entire life. If you are a golfer, you will love to take off and play a great round at the award winning Southern Hills Golf Course. It’s quite near to us and it’s absolutely gorgeous. With a chapel, game rooms, and many other amenities, the ability to access our common areas at all times also gives you one more way to feel free here!

independent living hot springs SD