Being that we are only a short drive to Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, we have plenty to offer as a retirement community in Hot Springs, SD. When it comes to finding a place to settle down and call home for your parents’ later years, you should consider enrolling them in a location that is near to so many wonderful places. Our grounds and living arrangements are some of the most widely diverse and dynamically oriented atmospheres around. Our state of the art facilities have every possible amenity your parents have been used to or could want.

As a son or daughter, you’ll want to make sure that your parent’s comfort level is at an all time high for their settling-down time in their life. There’s no need to put them up in some sort of retirement place that treats their members as if they were burdens. There’s also no need to try and cram your parents in a spare bedroom you have at home, not when they can have far more room to breath and spread their wings at our resort.

Even though our indoor environments are top-notch and first class, our location provides a diverse amount of outdoor activities. If your parents love the outdoors, they’ll love how fortunate our location really is. They’ll be able to shoot for that long-lost hole-in-one at the Southern Hills Golf Course. You know that they’ve been dying to get that hole-in-one for their entire lives. This golf course has topographical changes and it is challenging in many different areas.

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