Pine Hills is the Southern Hills’ only community dedicated to serving seniors with Alzheimer’s and other Dementia-related challenges. We offer 11 private apartments in a fully secure environment that specializes in caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s and other dementia-related challenges. Our community’s thoughtful designs, care philosophy, and unique programming combine to create comprehensive memory care solutions.

Pine Hills Memory Care Gardens provide services for active seniors with mild-to-moderately severe memory loss as well as those suffering with moderate-to-severe memory loss and/or arduous physical care needs.  Through the design of our beautiful building with separate floors for Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care we have an enhanced ability to meet the physical, social, and emotional needs of all our residents. Pine Hills Memory Care Gardens is located on the ground floor which allows easy access to a beautiful outdoor patio and grounds overlooking the Southern Hills Golf Course.

To help meet the special and diverse needs of Memory Care residents Pine Hills has developed values that set us apart from other communities:

1. Gentle Care Philosophy – Pine Hills is guided by the principles of Validation Therapy which emphasize using empathy to build trust, never forcing seniors to do anything, and interpreting challenging behavior as an underlying need to be discovered and fulfilled. Validation restores dignity to seniors with dementia by accepting them as they are. Struggling to perform basic everyday tasks is a difficult reality for dementia residents and can cause withdrawal. Through acceptance of all behavior, even difficult behavior, care managers can transition quickly to solve problems and focus on assisting residents with everything they need. This gentle environment decreases agitation and promotes peace and tranquility for residents, allowing them the opportunity to be the best they can be.

2. Commitment to Adequate Food and Fluid Consumption – Dementia may lead to reduced food and fluid intake, due in part to decreased recognition of hunger and thirst. Ensuring adequate food and fluid intake requires a concerted effort. We are committed to meeting these basic needs through systematic monitoring and as a part of the identity of Pine Hills.

3. Social Engagement and Involvement in Meaningful Activities – Meaningful activities are the foundation of dementia care because they help residents maintain their functional abilities. Pine Hills uses every opportunity to engage residents in enjoyment of outdoors, socialization, everyday tasks, exercise programs, and musical interaction. These events and activities are fun for residents, individually paced, and are always delivered with sincere love and compassion. By creating an atmosphere of familiarity and consistency, we keep our residents invested and engaged in the world and people around them.

4. Commitment to Resident SafetyPine Hills offers your loved ones dedicated staffing and locked security in large attractive ground floor apartments with access to inviting outdoor areas.