When you decide to start comparing places that provide assisted living in Hot Springs, SD, you should consider not just the amenities on the inside, but what there is on the outside to do. Days can only get longer and longer if there aren’t any outdoor activities to take part in. That’s why we are so proud of what our assisted living in Hot Springs, SD naturally offers to our clients. There are tons of hiking trails for you and your neighbors, friends, and family to explore. Some of the scenery surrounding our retirement facility is absolutely breath taking. We’ve had so many compliments from our clients with how we incorporate our exploratory themes into a daily agenda.

Some of the trails you can hike on have gentle turns, twists, and secret meadows to surprise you. Can you imagine yourself waking up everyday and being able to traverse small hills at your will? We are just a few minutes from the gorgeous Black Hills of South Dakota, which is why we are so popular. Any outdoorsman or outdoors woman would love to see what the Black Hills have to offer the human soul. With its original makeup and Earthly magnetism, it’s one of the most appealing places to live in the world.

Additionally, there are plenty of ponds, lakes, and streams for the avid fisherman or fisherwoman to take advantage of. With dozens of types of fish to fish for, there will always be something that stimulates the fisher’s brain. Can you imagine yourself casting a line into a pond and snagging a beautiful fish shortly thereafter? This sort of rewarding feeling can be yours on a day to day basis. Lastly, for the hunters out there, it’s not hard to get a license to hunt anything in the state of South Dakota, so you should be easily capable of going on hunting missions quite often.

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