It can become extremely overwhelming to keep up with maintaining a home, running errands, scheduling appointments and everything else life throws at us. When it comes to retirement communities, we have asked ourselves what makes a home a home, what makes us feel most comfortable, and what makes us feel that we have family around us all the time.  We’ve adapted our retirement community to be just that.

It can be frightening moving into a new location and with people that you’re not familiar with. You ponder over and over how they will treat you and if you have the ability to leave if things get bad. We can promise you that we provide the best retirement community in the Hot Springs area. Many times, seniors are placed in a retirement home by their families and are left feeling alone. Here at Pine Hills, we are friendly, caring and create an atmosphere where you are sure to feel at home, only here are people who are here to assist you with whatever you need. We also offer independent living in our spacious apartments for those who do not need as much assistance. However, our caring staff are available 24 hours-a-day for your care and service.

Pine Hills Retirement Community will tend to all of your needs and make you a part of our family. Contact us today!