1. How to Fight Dementia and Its Symptoms

    One of the scariest factors about getting older is the thought of not being able to maintain optimal brain function. As we age and experience more instances where we forget names, lose our keys and forget that our glasses are on top of our head, where we left them, anxious thoughts of growing senile begin to pester even the most healthy of among us. Even watching our parents deal with forgetfulnes…Read More

  2. The Importance of Immunizations for Seniors

    With so much talk in the news lately regarding childhood immunizations, it got us thinking about others who are at risk for serious illness and of course, the subject of seniors and the health risks they face surfaced. Though we tend to think of immunizations as those prevention measures that typically affect the young, there are a number of illnesses that the elderly face where immunizations can …Read More

  3. The Importance Of Independent Living For Seniors

    The importance of being independent is twofold for seniors. Independence is sometimes the only thing seniors may feel they can control as certain aspects of their life change as they age. No matter our age, we all strive for and enjoy independence. Our assisted living in Hot Springs, SD is designed by people who know exactly what retirees are looking for. Independence is instilled in us throug…Read More

  4. Stay Happier by Staying Active

    As our bodies age, we learn that we just aren’t able to do some of the activities we used to love passing time with. Staying active both mentally and physically, while living in a retirement community, is difficult or when your body and mind just won't cooperate; but practice makes perfect. Studies have shown that higher levels of mental and physical activity in elderly correlates with higher l…Read More

  5. The Most Dangerous Mistakes Regarding Medication

    Caring for elderly loved ones can be a challenge, even for the most conscientious of assisted living facilities. Monitoring every aspect of another’s day can present issues that had rarely, if at all, considered. Medications often fall under the category of those things that weren’t given full thought and consideration by those at home caregivers who can get distracted by all the other chores …Read More

  6. Retirement Community to Make You Feel at Home

    It can become extremely overwhelming to keep up with maintaining a home, running errands, scheduling appointments and everything else life throws at us. When it comes to retirement communities, we have asked ourselves what makes a home a home, what makes us feel most comfortable, and what makes us feel that we have family around us all the time.  We've adapted our retirement community to be just …Read More

  7. Location! Location! Location! – Retirement Community in Hot Springs, SD

    Being that we are only a short drive to Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska, we have plenty to offer as a retirement community in Hot Springs, SD. When it comes to finding a place to settle down and call home for your parents’ later years, you should consider enrolling them in a location that is near to so many wonderful places. Our grounds and living arrangements are some of the most widely diverse …Read More

  8. A Dynamic Retirement Community : Hot Springs, SD

    What most people are looking for in a retirement community is a dynamic list of things to get involved in. Well, we just so happen to have dozens upon dozens of things for our community members to get involved in. Just the topographical changes of Hot Springs, SD, is more than enough to satisfy the hikers and explorers that we have in attendance. Another popular attribute to our versatile scenery …Read More

  9. A Very Active Retirement Community In Hot Springs SD

    Our Pine Hills staff is a one of a kind staff. Our residents work together to plan a full schedule of activities and other social events. Each month includes small interest groups, entertainment activities, outings, parties and seasonal events. All weekly and monthly calendars are distributed to all residents well ahead of time. Participation as well as new activity ideas are regularly taken in. E…Read More